Staggering lameness: the Strib’s CD2 endorsement

If the Strib’s endorsement of the reprehensible CD2 incumbent John Kline this week seemed to make no sense whatsoever, there’s a good reason for that. The editorial board didn’t even interview challenger Steve Sarvi. (I REALLY like Sarvi — a smart, principled guy, Iraq War vet, and former mayor.)

I did not recognize the “thoughtful” (dude has consistently been a rubber stamp for the Bush administration) and “collegial” (he’s notorious for treating his constituents with rudeness and contempt) John Kline described in the Strib’s endorsement. Bizarrely, in the process of dismissing Sarvi — without talking to him, we now know — they praise his “considerable depth” and call him “passionate,” “well-informed” and “one of the most outstanding political newcomers this year.” In fact, they have NOT A SINGLE NEGATIVE WORD to say about Sarvi. But thanks to this awesomely scathing piece on MNBlue, we learn that Sarvi’s many attributes are irrelevant, because the paper planned to back Kline regardless.

What is UP here? They needed to endorse a couple token Republicans to defend their paper against the perennial accusations of knee-jerk partisanship? Lame. And disgusting. Even the people who MAKE the perennial accusations of knee-jerk partisanship should be insulted by this, along with everybody else (especially 2nd District residents who know better, no thanks to the Strib, but may have to endure another Kline term).

I beg of you, if you’ve got an extra $10 or $20 and want to make one last, meaningful campaign contribution to a really worthy candidate, PLEASE consider sending it Sarvi’s way. He’s a true public servant who’d make a great Congressman, and he could win if he’d get a fair shake. Go to

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